FREE Personal Finance Resources

Here is a list of FREE resources that I actually use. If you have any suggestions of sites/tools/apps for me to check out, please email me at, or tweet me @maddymoneycash.

Websites / Apps

Mint– Great for budgeting, financial goal setting and planning. Read about my experience with Mint here.

CreditKarma-Monitor your credit score and keep track of how much you owe.

Investopedia-If you are unfamiliar with a financial term, look it up here.

Glassdoor– A must! Search your job title to see how your pay matches up to the rest of the population.

LinkedIn– Everyone should have a professional presence LinkedIn profile. It adds the most credibility to your personal brand.


Dave Ramsey– Dave is the man when you are just getting started. If you are in debt, never been able to stick to a budget (or had a budget,) Dave has solid financial advice that will not lead you astray. His method is the 7 Baby Steps. Just don’t feel pressured to buy anything they may be selling you. Even their “free” budgeting app costs money if you want to link it to your bank account.

Money Boss – JD Roth is the man. This is more for people who are out of debt and want to start building weath and financial freedom. Start by checking out his Money Boss 101 philosophy.– Awesome blog that covers personal finance and positive habits and lifeskills

Podcasts and YouTube Channels

The Dave Ramsey Show– Q&A style radio show on money. On iTunes and Youtube. Again, don’t feel pressured to buy anything they may be selling you. You can learn everything in the books and classes by listening to the radio show and watching videos on the YouTube channel.

Afford Anything– I love Paula Pant and her slogan “You can afford anything, but you cannot afford everything.” Her MO is creating passive income streams and living frugally so she can travel the world. While you may have different preferences, her principles still ring true.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi- I love Farnoosh! She has TWO episodes a week, one where she brings smart and successful people on to be interviewed and another where she answers listener questions.

Paychecks and Balances– Love these guys, fun fresh take on personal finance and careers for a millennial audience.

Online Tools

Retire Inspired Quotient– Find out how much money you need to retire!

New York Times Buy vs. Rent Calculator– This eye-opening tool helps you decide whether it makes sense financially to buy or rent a property.