About Maddy Money

Hi, my name is Addy Adewusi AKA Maddy Money. I am a “multipotentialite” millennial woman who is passionate about financial independence. In the first 18 months after graduating college I paid off 30K in debt making an average salary. I made a lot of sacrifices but it paid off. Now I am focused on maximizing my earning potential so I can begin building wealth. I am a super advocate of the side hustle, always having at least two in addition to my day job.

I am passionate about being financially independent because I have watched many people (including myself) stay in unhealthy relationships, jobs, living situations because they were constrained financially. Money is not evil, money is about choices. The more financially independent I am, the more I have control over who and what is in my life.

When I am not writing about personal finance and career, I am reading personal development books, listening to motivational and informative podcasts, going to shows, and thinking about what is my purpose in life.

If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, or ideas, please email me at maddycashmoney@gmail.com.

If you want to learn more about the woman behind Maddy Money, visit my personal website.