About Maddy Money

Hi, I’m Maddy Money. I am a “multipotentialite” millennial woman who is passionate about financial independence. In the first 18 months after graduating college I paid off 30K in debt making 50K. I made a lot of sacrifices but it paid off. Now I am focused on maximizing my earning potential so I can begin building wealth. I am a super advocate of the side hustle, always having at least two in addition to my day job.

I am passionate about being financially independent because I have watched many people (including myself) stay in unhealthy relationships, jobs, living situations because they were constrained financially. Money is not evil, money is about choices. The more financially independent I am, the more I have control over who and what is in my life.

When I am not writing about personal finance and career, I am reading personal development books, listening to motivational and informative podcasts, going to shows, and thinking about what is my purpose in life. I am the ultimate single (no kids, no pets, and no family closer than 3 hours away,) so I am always looking for smart and open-minded people to engage with. Reach out to me, I do not bite!

If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, or ideas, please email me at maddycashmoney@gmail.com or tweet me @maddymoneycash.

If you want to learn more about the woman behind Maddy Money, visit my personal website.