So About The Last 6 Months…

So I committed the ultimate blogger don’t and stopped posting for six months. The truth is, I was going through a lot of ish:

  1. I found out that I was going to be laid off from my job.

So finding out you are getting laid off from a job you hate is a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, I was free to try something new. I was given an opportunity to leave a bad situation. Even better, I had two months notice! Because I was in the middle of stacking cash to make a final payment on my student loans, I was financially secure. 

On the negative end, I was scared. I live in small town USA and I was worried that I wouldn’ t find a job that paid as much. My backup job in retail was revealed as not the right move for me. I had no idea what to do or what my passion was. The job I was leaving was my first “real job” out of college and I was scared it was a fluke and that I had no real value in the market.

What ended up saving me was networking. I ended up having a choice between two positions. I took a role in IT at a local manufacturing/retail company focusing on luxury goods. I negotiated a salary that ended up being a 10% increase from my last position. It has been two months and I have since been promoted to eCommerce manager and received another 13% increase. Life is good.

  1. I broke up with a live-in boyfriend…and it had everything to do with money.

As a young, upwardly-mobile professional woman, it is hard to meet men who can bring something similar to the table. For the past 8 months, I had made a compromise and was dating someone who was not financially independent. While he was a sweet guy, I realized that he just did not have the drive and motivation that I do and that we were not compatible in enough areas to make it work.

I just finished reading Tom Stanley’s, The Millionaire Mind, and it goes into detail about how our success is heavily influenced by who we choose to share our life with. I definitely made the right decision, however, the adjustment to being single is never fun.

What a difference 6 months can make!

I am in awe of how different my financial picture looks 6 months later:

  • I make 25% more money!!!
  • I have less than $3500 of debt left, including collections
  • My credit score went from 680 to 730!

The hard work and sacrifices pay off! Now I promise I will never abandon you guys like that again. Look out for upcoming posts on:

  • How I went from lowly IT administrator to eCommerce Manager in 2 months
  • How I negotiated my new salary and raise
  • How I increased my credit score to 730
  • My new fun side hustle, teaching hip-hop dance!
  • Thoughts on Tom Stanley’s The Millionaire Mind.

Love you guys and thank you for reading!

Maddy Money


2 thoughts on “So About The Last 6 Months…

  1. Thanks for posting again. Glad to have you back!
    Great insights. I can totally identify.

    Years ago, I committed to “financial amends” and took my credit score from low 500’s to mid 700’s.
    Then I got married, divorced, and married again.
    I went almost two years with inconsistent income, but still had two babies, bringing us to a family of 5.
    My spouse had a great career when we met, which was derailed by some pretty serious health issues.
    She went back to school, which (in the short term) meant more debt, and less income.
    Then, I became unemployed again…

    Throughout these times, I often questioned my own market value. I also developed a serious fear that my partner would never bounce back, and that we’d be doomed to life of poverty (perhaps my greatest fear).

    Yet, through these challenges, I had a keen sense that I was destined for success. My dreams and goals became increasingly more clear. In fact, it was these plans (which I would write about, talk about, and even pray about) that sustained me, and gave me hope to carry on.

    Also, the multitude of self-help books (mostly audio) were HUGE! Funny that you mention Millionaire Mind, I’ll have to check that one out. I read “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker, and really enjoyed that one.

    Today, my spouse started her new job, after a year of unemployment! It pays well, has manageable hours, and is right in line with her goals. There is opportunity for advancement, and for the past week -even before starting- I noticed a huge change in her attitude and outlook! This will nearly double our household income, and should finally put us back on track for many of our common goals.

    Hopefully, this will bring us to a point where I can responsibly resume pursuit of my big dreams!

    Thanks again, it’s great to have a place to talk about these things!

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    1. Hi Will,

      Thanks for sharing your story. I can relate to the financial amends piece, that is what started my journey to get rid of my debt. But as your story shows, life still happens. Partners, jobs, and health come and go, which is why I am determined to stay vigilant on my finances and not get complacent.

      It’s awesome that you have kept your goals and dreams alive throughout your storm. I believe poverty is a mindset, and I know you definitely don’t have it. Amazing that your partner is working again and your income has doubled. That is huge. I hope you guys have a financial plan to get things back on track. If you don’t, I would suggest researching Dave Ramsey’s baby steps.

      Feel free to reach out anytime!



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